During a council meeting the Superiors of the Universe have decided to grant animals of Earth – theromorphs - with intelligence. They create a biomechanical world as an experiment and inhabit it with cognizant theromorphs-teenagers. Superiors are hiding their real appearance as Mentors to estimate the ethical potential of the intelligent creatures that will come to populate Earth. They will test the durability of the characters and decide if they are able to become the new intelligent civilization or they fail.

   There are amazing scenes, resembling the fantastic transformations of Ovid, walks among the Paleozoic Era scenery and the social world as a fantastic laboratory. The role of the Superiors in the story is mysterious, are they the ‘colonizers’ or the gatekeepers of all intellect? 

   Lemos and Barpus – leaders of the two groups of teenage theromorphs - are trying to solve this mystery, one - to take over the power, the other – to survive.
The story begins as the characters are engaged in a conflict planned by the schemer Lemos. He will not stand under the Mentors and as a result he is trying to reveal their secret. Upon revealing it, they will be able to answer all of their questions and get rid of all contradictions of their fragile world. As a result, we see in the beginning of the story how the two rival groups have united to save the town from a crazy trilobite (the universal mode of transport of the characters), and the Superiors have noticed it. 

   In the next episode, the Superiors send the teens to scout for Sylvinium - the indicator of Quintessence 56 – a very rare substance they need to create civilization on planets.

   But there are also evil forces, contenders to power over the minds of the Universe. Obviously, the Mentors-Superiors choose the more determined X-theromorphs for the mission.

   But the younger Z-theromorphs outstrip them using the freshly mastered flying device, the creating of which almost killed Zvero. He was hunting a dragonfly, whose wings are necessary for the glider. Teenagers are trying to find the Sylvinium crystals. But suddenly there is a failure and Titus re-evolves into a horrid inostrancevia (his theromorph prototype). 

   Having dealt with this complication, the characters broaden the borders of their world while looking for the crystals and bump into the dinosaurs – a wild world of dangerous adventures.
At the same time, the bad guys accidentally find the real Sylvinium. 

   The series’ protagonist Zvero, the only two-eyed theromorph, is experiencing his own evolution and becomes a real leader. While the others are reptilian, he is mammalian and his descendants can evolve into Homo sapiens.

   The viewers gradually get to know the structure of the unusual world of these characters… Students-theramorphs sit at the desks that are real flower-computers; each one has their own temper. No one is amazed at a squid-pen, swimming in an aquarium at the recess. Everything seems natural. Titanium toads work as safes in the banks of the city, and four-legged thero-taxis take the late inhabitants home. Giant fireflies work as lanterns on the streets from dusk to dawn in their moving robotic homes.

   At the same time the characters explore their own amazing abilities. Although they don’t remember anything from their animal life, they get used to their new form gradually, every day discovering the hidden abilities of their bodies.

   Apart from the dreams and curiosity of a teen girl Soummi has unique clothes – a skirt on a electromagnetic cushion with 20 bottomless pockets around. Kahu has amazing 5-layered glasses that control the situation on the ground with a quality of a military computer, robotic body parts of Lemos, Titus and Protty are great to use as weapons in an open fight and undercover mischief.

   For many characters, the abilities of their biomechanical bodies will not open till later, but they will all be very surprised.

   The storyline is based on the rivalry of the character groups that each represent a generation: generation X (born in 1965-1979), Y (1981-1991) or Z (born after 1991). It means that the series has wide appeal to secondary audiences including parents of kids and teenagers, as the characters and narrative contain elements may resonate with them.

   The main characters, Zvero, Jack, Soumi and others, represent the new generation, the prehistoric Generation Z. They are spontaneous and open-minded, with an ambition to learn cool new facts and use their imagination. They are just teenagers finding their way in life.

   Lemos, Titus and others are the Generation X of the theromorphs. They are short-sighted, self-serving and cynical, but above all, hungry for control. 

   Jack and Titus are fierce rivals, matched in ambition and hardiness, who face off against each other throughout the series.